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The Account Hack

Of course account hacking is listed. Using our tool you will gain the victims account username and password, and some extra details like IP and country victim used to login.

We will give you some extra boost of security for yourself to avoid IP logs performed by Skype.
You do not EXIST!

And give you 100% success rate on your hacking campaign.

MSG History Hack

You might be aware that once you have access on someone else's account of course on a different computer you cannot browse the past messages.

This is because Skype Message History is on a local file located on the victims computer where he/she is usually using.

Using our tool this is now possible, try and see the magic!

Skype Credit Hack

Skype Credits is some sort of currency on skype which you should buy it using real money to be able to make landline or mobile calls local and overseas.

Rates may vary according to your country. Buying skype credits may come very cheap however still some could not afford to buy it.

Using our tool you can generate unlimited skype credits.


This is the best part of being a hacker. Hiding your location, IP and what exactly you are doing, blocking outside connections with encrpyted series of code.

Because getting caught on the act is a big face-palm that would get you total embaracement and worst part you will go to jail!

Neither, of those is possible! We've got you covered!

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